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Black Like My Heart by Bella-da-fox
Black Like My Heart
Black coffee in my "C" mug, which is actually how I don't drink my coffee (I drink it with cream). "Black like my heart" is how my father says he takes his coffee, which he said to his mother who didn't really know how to respond
Fancy Owl by Bella-da-fox
Fancy Owl
The owl that holds my concert band bow tie with my crocodile eraser named Klaus
Black and Blue by Bella-da-fox
Black and Blue
Abstract art for my best friend who wanted me to paint something for her
They tell us over and over again that life has meaning, that life has purpose. But that's complete bullshit. They only meaning life has is the delusion we allow ourselves to foolishly believe.

One day each and everyone of us with be dead, dust, lost to time, marking an end to the homo sapien era. So is that the meaning of life? To slowly waste away, living but not actually living, just allowing ourselves to disappear piece by piece? What kind of meaning is that? What kind of life is that? There is no meaning, no life, because in the end none of it will matter. It won't matter that humans were either created or evolved, that our species had advanced intellect, that we spread like a disease (parasite) across the world- influencing everyone and everything. It won't matter that human kind has experienced moments of victory and triumph, or moments of evil and temptation. It won't matter that history is written by the victor and that the loser doesn't get a voice. It won't matter that humanity has been a constant battle of good versus evil, because in the end there won't be good or evil. There will just be the end- with life, and yes that includes humanity, lost and forgotten with no one to remember it, no one to remember these moments that define us, no one to remember anything, let alone care.

So tell me, how is there a meaning to life if the end is inevitable and our lives are a constant countdown to death- each day leading us closer and closer. Please tell me because I truly am lost, unable to fathom an answer in this jumbled mess of existence.
Existential Crisis
After discussions of life in both my history and English classes I had come up with this. Just in case anyone is worried, no I am not suicidal. Like at all. I was just thinking about the meaning of life one day and this was thought up. That's it. So enjoy (or don't)
We are all living in a cave, with shadows directing (dictating) our lives. Its these shadows that tell us what to think, tell us what to feel, tell us what to be. We will all spend our lives looking at these shadows, looking at them for support, for direction. These shadows control our every thought, every emotion, every state of being. Its impossible to escape their influence, their authoritarian like presence. For how could you if they are all we know and all we will ever know? How could you turn to anyone if we are all just hopeless souls trapped under the spell (curse) of the shadows, under the spell of their "meaning", trying to apply it to our meaningless lives?
The Shadows
I may have gotten carried away...but I wrote this after we had done our philosophy unit in English and out of 3 philosophers we studied, I like Plato the most. I liked his notion of the Forms and his "Allegory of the Cave". It was fun to thing about the whole "living in a cave" aspect and I realized in a sense it was true. Thus, this was created. Enjoy (or don't)

Plato's philosophy, not mine


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Addicted to all forms of caffeine (ie coffee and tea), mugs and tv
Alright so on Saturday I went and saw "The Fault in Our Stars" with my best friend.

The following is my review of the movie:

"The Fault in Our Stars" was perfect. It made me laugh and cry and laugh while I was crying but most of all it made me feel alive. "Okay" will never be the same for me and when I think of Amsterdam I will think of love and Augustus and Hazel. The movie was incredibly accurate to the book, although it did leave certain things out. However it also made references to the book, certain things only someone who read the book would get. The casting was just perfect and the cast played the parts like they were made for them. Thank you to John Green for creating the story and thank you Fox and everyone involved with Fox for making the story come alive. My rating would be a 9.5 (because I'm saving my 10).

It was everything I expected and more.

And I absolutely loved the fact they were watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, at that exact moment. My friend and I started Buffy fangirling when that scene came on cause we both love Bangel.
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